Sunday, October 09, 2005

Penguin Sex

Thanks to all who attended my talk on marital sexuality yesterday in Pinckney, MI. Feel free to click the comment link below to ask me any questions.

Now, some thoughts on penguin sex. It seems that because a couple male penguins were hatching babies (provided, of course, by a female) together we are once again uncertain about whether heterosexuality is "natural" or not. Please, my dear Catholic friends, recall the story of your origins. We were created but sinned, and that sin polluted the entire ecosphere. We are good "by nature" but that nature, indeed all nature, is touched by sin. That is why there is plenty of violence in the animal world. Are we surprised that penguins are gay? We shouldn't be.

The only difference between them and us is that we can choose to rise above our lusty flesh and let grace transform us. Granted, it is not easy.


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