Thursday, September 01, 2005

Green grass

My brother-in-law out in San Diego has a green backyard, which is rare thing for San Diego. Apparently, there is an underground stream out there. I thought of this tonight as I realized that I haven't made it to adoration for a couple weeks. Since our parish began adoration in May, I have made it every week. Even though I have never doubted the power of adoration, I must say that I never really felt it until I started going every week. God's presence is like that underground stream. I would not even know He is there, always present, giving life, except for the green things that are growing. And I can tell that I haven't been over to the chapel because the grass is starting to brown out. In my life that means that I am losing my temper with the kids way too much, losing the focus at home, spending too much time on the phone... Time for a visit...


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