Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Cardinal George and the hurricane

This address by Cardinal George in Traces, n. 3, 2003 (see Archive)pretty much says it all when it comes to our country and disasters and our warped view of God. What we need here is a truly "spiritual" view, as in the Holy Spirit:

...we are not open to actions that are not planned; we are not able to recognize, to be surprised, when the Holy Spirit always brings novelty. Things must always remain the same. That is why, when a disaster happens, everybody assures us that we have not to worry, we will put everything back together. This is why the people that run society are insurance people and lawyers; we have to check everything with those people, because if there is something that has not been planned, then somebody is at fault and is going to pay for it. This is even true of God–there is a great resentment about God Himself being active; you can talk about God as much as you want, as a great goal of one’s particular experiences, and you can talk about God as the best in human nature or in human experience. But you cannot talk about God that breaks into history with a surprise, making all things new and changed. This God is resented, and deeply so.


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