Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Oh, Katrina

Long weekend out in Wisconsin. And now back to Katrina. Today the blame-game continues. A quote from a doctor on NPR: “10,000 dead is a real failure.” The implication is that the federal government has failed. There is some truth to this, no doubt. But since the gospel of tolerance became the official religion of America, it has become impossible to have a spiritual assessment of any natural disaster.

Where there is suffering, there is the opportunity for each person to encounter the Crucified Savior. The talking heads can do nothing but, well, talk. They drone on and on about what could have been prevented if only... But the only true response to a tragedy is compassion, literally “suffering with.” Anyone who has ever been at a deathbed knows that what is called for is prayer and silence, not commentary. . . And this is precisely what we, with few exceptions, are unable to offer.


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