Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Opportunity for women

A lovely quote courtesy of my friend Tom Sullivan. We may even say that what we have now is not so much the "overemphasis of the masculine," but really a warped masculinity. Commentary to follow after children are in bed...

Father Gerald Vann, from his 1954 book The Water and the Fire":

"Of all the trends we have been considering as characteristic of the world today--the increasing loss of wisdom and vision, of stillness, of Nature, of the stability of home and family life, of symbol--it seems true to say that they represent something particularly alien to the nature of woman.... Our troubles spring from the overemphasis on the masculine in our world ... precisely because the nature of the psychological crisis through which we are passing is what it is, woman has an unique opportunity to redeem the situation.


Anonymous AnotherCoward said...

Where's the commentary? Where's the commentary?!?

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Plato's Stepchild said...

Gerald Vann is another one of those remarkable English Dominicans from the early 20th century. Another good reason to become a 3rd Order Lay Dominican.

5:34 PM  

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